data logging using acquiro software

Why Acquiro?

Because, the data logged into any device is not useful untill it is extracted and transformed into valuable and actionable information, that can be visualised and consumed by the user.

Acquiro helps you do just that! extract, transform, store, manage and visualise the generated data. Acquiro also reduces dependency on personell and enables report generation at the click of a button.

Data storage within any hardware is limited due to memory constraints. To address this issue Acquiro features a data repository which can be backed up periodically on the storage medium of your choice (ext.Hard drive, Usb Drives etc…), thus enabling limitless archiving of data. Any old data can be re-viewed any time by switching over to the archived data.

What is Acquiro?

Acquiro is a software, that enables you to extract, store, manage and visualise the data generated by your datalogger(s). It lets you visualise data in tabular and graphical formats. In addition, it can also generate reports for you in a preset format. The data generated in any of these formats can be exported in excel and/or pdf.

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